New York City


I was both excited about and dreading a visit to New York City. I was excited about visiting one of the most interesting and famous cities in the world but was not excited about the logistics of getting around the city and dealing with the crowds. But a trip around the US would not be complete without a trip to the Big Apple. So I took a deep breath, put on my big girl panties and hopped on the train.

My friend Sue helped with some of the logistics by inviting us to stay at her house and then dropping us at the metro station just a few minutes away that went into Penn Station. Our hotel was just a few blocks from the station and then all of Manhattan was at our doorstep.

The difficult part was in trying to decide what to see and do in just three days as one would need a lifetime to do it all. So we focused our efforts, put on our walkin’ shoes set out to see the town. Following is a brief photo essay on our time in the big city!









right: we weren’t the only ones on the ferry to Liberty Island.















left: Ellis Island








right: The Registry Room.






left: Sleeping quarters.















above: The Dudes became seasoned pros at using public transit.


above: The new buildings going up at ground zero.




left: Trinity Church.













left and below: The Brooklyn Bridge.(under construction)













 above: Rockefeller Center.






above: The Empire State Building and views from the top.













below: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

above: A Tiffany fountain at the museum.

above: The Temple of Dendur at the Museum.

below right: The “city view” from our hotel window.












below: Central Park.









below: Grand Central Station.

above: An Apple display at the station drew the guys attention.

Times Square.



America 2.0 ( the same boat we sailed on in Key West can be seen in the foreground)


 Despite my reservations about going into the city, we had a great time and did as much as we could in three days. Just one hint about visiting NYC – take your walkin’ shoes!


above: Our 15 “seconds” of fame on a billboard in Times Square! Can you find us?



One can’t paint New York as it is, but rather as it is felt.
Georgia O’Keeffe 



























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