The Room with a View

above: Our rig is on the far left.


Our front windshield serves as our living room window and is our view to the amazing outdoors or sometimes to a dirty gravel parking lot. Sometimes we just want to sit and gaze out at our incredible world. Other times, we close all the shades to keep the world out. Recently, we almost missed out one of our best views yet.


We had gotten a tip from another traveler about a campground in San Francisco that was good and “cheap”. We like tips and we love cheap so we went for it. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the seedy industrial RV park, it was the kind that we would close our shades to. It was a parking lot that was small with semi permanent residences crammed up against each other. It was dirty, poorly kept and made the Hippygeek and I very uneasy.

















We quickly discussed the situation as we drove through the lot and kept on going out the other side. Despite it being rush hour in San Francisco, we decided to move on to plan “B” which was an expensive place on the other side of town.



We unhooked the tow car and drove separately to make the drive through rush hour in a strange city a little easier and managed to find the other place without too much trouble.



We pulled into our site and went  “aahhh”. The rig sat at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Nothing but ocean as far as the eye could see. We were home. The park was spotless, there was a pool and hot tub, the laundry facility was immaculate (that really does make a difference) and there was a seaside walking trail for the Princess.



The Hippygeek cracked open a beer and sat in the front seat for our first “sunset happy hour”. It had been a long day on the road so we all sat quietly (except for the Lil’ Dude, who doesn’t know “quiet”) and watched the sun slowly dip into the ocean. As it disappeared, it left a sky lit up with brilliant oranges and pinks. We continued to sit quietly until all of the color was gone from the sky.


above: Sunset happy hour with the Princess.


Our first night set the stage for the rest of our time in San Francisco. We planned our days so that we would always be home in time for “sunset happy hour”. And, every night we were treated to a dramatic show viewed from the comfort of our own living room.


above: Sunset happy hour with the Lil’ Dude.


Despite the added expense, we were glad we had pushed on to the second campground as it became one of the highlights of our time in San Francisco. There is no way to place a value on comfort and safety and a million dollar view out your front window.



 ”Two golden hours somewhere between sunrise and sunset. Both are set with 60 diamond minutes. No reward is offered. They are gone forever.” Horace Mann







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6 Responses to The Room with a View

  1. Dawn Loveless says:

    Beautiful and priceless don’t even express the beauty of these pictures. I would love to see all your pictures one day.

  2. Janet Squires says:

    It’s always good to follow one’s “gut”, and it appears that you were well rewarded, as well as safe and happy! Beautiful pictures, truly awe inspiring!

  3. Dawn says:

    Thanks! It inspired us!

  4. Diane Ludwig says:

    Wow, vitamin D plus happy hour! That is awesome!
    I have so enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your photos ~

  5. Dawn says:

    Yeah, I like to “multitask”. Hope the sunny pics brighten your day!

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