A “Two Country” Birthday


The Lil’ Dude turned 7! And, his birthday happened to coincide with our departure from Alaska. So, to make this birthday extra special, we decided to celebrate it in the morning in Alaska and in the evening in the Yukon. That way he could have a birthday in two countries.



left: At first, I had a hard time waking the Birthday boy up.





He has been counting down the hours to his special day for weeks. Extra smiles have been appearing on his already smiley face in anticipation of the event. He has also been trying to pry information out of all of us about his presents. But, we were all sworn to secrecy so his presents remained a surprise.











right: Trying out the new fishing rod on the Chena River.



His big present was a new fishing rod since his previous “little kid” fishing rod didn’t make it through Alaska. He also received a couple of new DS games to help keep him occupied during the long trek back through Canada.












right: They all have a case of the giggles.




Twenty hours a day of Alaskan sunshine through the summer stimulated a growth spurt so he got some new pants to replace his current “high water” ones. Bike gloves and a bike bell rounded out his cycling equipment now that he is a “hot shot” cyclist.




















His birthday dinner request was a typical hot dogs and mac-n-cheese and we finished off the meal with brownie ala mode, yum.


left: A birthday card from big brother.







right: A souvenir from Alaska. 











It was an unusual birthday since we were on the road most of the day but it was fun starting it in the U.S and ending it in Canada.




“Most of us can remember a time when a birthday – especially if it was one’s own – brightened the world as if a second sun has risen.” Robert Lynd 


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11 Responses to A “Two Country” Birthday

  1. Marlina says:

    Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!

  2. Marlina says:

    oh and Uncle Mike wants to know if your face is stuck that way (in the last pic) :)

  3. Linda and Jerry says:

    We were thinking about you all day long on your very special 7th birthday! It was wonderful to talk to you on your birthday morning. I see you got some bike gloves!!!

    It is easy to tell that you really needed new pants, it looks as if you have grown at least a foot. We are glad you had such a wonderful TWO COUNTRY BIRTHDAY!

    Grandad and I love you very, very much.

  4. Janet Squires says:

    That special “Kaden smile” kept me smiling throughout the blog! He truly is another sunshine–what a wonderful day for all of you.
    Happy Birthday, Kaden!

  5. Debbie Bosley says:

    Happy Birthday Kaden !!!

  6. Brother Steven says:

    Does the HippyGeek ever take his jacket off inside?

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