Dumpster Philosophy

A dumpster seems like the most unlikely place to receive words of wisdom. In fact, any trip to the dumpster I have ever made has been an exercise in squinting and breath holding. That is, until we camped at the Waterfront Park in Seward.


A few years ago some locals got paint from the recycling center and “went philosophical” all over the dumpsters in the campground. The result was a very colorful, very upbeat waste disposal container. Everyday, as I dumped the garbage, I did it with pleasure and a smile. I even looked forward to the normally unpleasant task.


So, as we leave Seward, instead of sharing more of our daily activities, I would like to leave Seward in your mind with some of the locals messages and hopefully, a smile.
















































































So long Seward!


“I have a simple philosophy. Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. And scratch what itches” Alice Roosevelt Longworth






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