Sunniest in Seattle

Our first partially cloudy day in Seattle turned out to be the sunniest day for us. Yes, believe it or not, we found our passports. And, I am the chump(to put it nicely) who misplaced them.

After leaving the passport office, I fedexed a key to our storage unit to my friend Elliott in Charleston so she could dig out our birth certificates. With those, we could start the whole application process all over again. She found our birth certificates and all four passports neatly tucked into the folder that I originally took them out of. The mystery of the missing passports was solved. The mystery of how they actually got back into the file however is a mystery that will never be solved as I have absolutely no memory of putting them back in there.

The Hippygeek didn’t know where the file was so I am the only one who could have put the passports back. He has been very gracious about my faux pas. I’ve already kicked myself a 1000 times so he doesn’t have to. I’d like to think I would have been as kind and understanding as he has been if he had been the culprit but, I’m kinda glad that I was not put to the test. Although, I’m not sure if he is being gracious or if he is just soooo relieved not to have been the responsible party that he is just basking in that glow. As far as the kids go; they don’t really care, every day is a holiday.

So, we are back on track and even more well prepared than our last border attempt as the rig has been purged of all alcohol, fruits and vegetables, firearms, dairy, the dog food is in it’s original container etc. etc. Of course, they could still turn us back for no good reason as I have heard occassionally happens. Let’s hope (good) luck is on our side this time.

We will spend a couple more days here visiting with friends and family and then were off!

“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?” – Winnie the Pooh


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6 Responses to Sunniest in Seattle

  1. Sandi Spicer-Moore says:

    I’m so glad for you! But, I’m not so sure that guy with the beard is going to get across the border. Good gosh, hippiegeekman. Maybe he could stowaway underneath.

  2. Janet Squires says:

    Glad to finally see you in a picture, Dawn! Happy trails……..

  3. Linda and Jerry says:

    What a thrill to know you are on your way again! I can’t believe how big the boys are. It is nice to have a picture of the 4 of you! Continue your travels safely. We love all of you!!!

  4. Dawn Loveless says:

    See all things happen for a reason. If you hadn’t been told you needed to start from scratch, you would have never found the passports!!! Safe travels and keep the photos coming.

    I agree. It’s great to see you in a picture Dawn.

  5. Debbie Bosley says:

    So glad the passports turned up! My traveling this summer is reading your blogs across America. You are such a gifted writer. I look forward to new entries every week. I Love Kaden’s face on the swinging bridge. He looked fearless!!!

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